Driven Analytics is nominated for OVF Most Promising New Business Award

Driven Analytics is nominated for OVF Most Promising New Business Award

Oklahoma start-up company, Driven Analytics, was recently selected as a finalist for The Oklahoma Venture Forum’s (OVF) Most Promising New Business Award and ended as runner-up. OVF is a non-profit organization formed to encourage economic development in Oklahoma.

The OVF Most Promising New Business award is one of the most prestigious recognitions a new Oklahoma company can receive. Evaluation criteria for this award is based on product innovation, revenues and capital raised, profitability, management quality, market penetration and growth, economic impact, and industry and community reputation.

“We are proud to announce that Driven Analytics has been nominated for an award that represents the triumph of the entrepreneurial dream and spirit,” said Fred Green, director of The Launch Pad at Francis Tuttle.

Driven Analytics is a resident client of Francis Tuttle’s business incubator, LaunchPad FT. The entrepreneurial company was formed out of the University of Oklahoma’s MBA program in order to meet the intersecting needs of car owners, car dealerships and automotive aftermarket parts/accessory providers. Driven Analytics provides automobile owners with specific diagnostic and maintenance information about their vehicle in real-time.

“Receiving this nomination was truly an honor, we are proud just to be in the company of the other finalists that OVF selected. There are a lot of companies doing some truly great things in this state!” said Steve Soroosh, President and CEO of Driven Analytics, Inc. 

In addition to their recognition at OVF, Driven Analytics was a finalist in Oklahoma’s Governor’s Cup in 2014 and ranked in the Top 20 Hottest Start-ups by CNBC in 2014.  For more information about Driven Analytics you can visit

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