Maintain+™ includes all of the features of the standard Maintain™ app but with the addition of an OBD2 Telematics Device.  With the device, the capabilities of the Maintain™ app are greatly expanded.

With Maintain+™  the Maintenance Timeline ™ is fully automated, allowing you to put your maintenance on cruise control.  

With mileage automatically sent to your app from the Maintain+™ OBD2 device, you’ll never have to worry about missing a critical maintenance milestone again. Maintain+™ will notify you when you are getting close to needing maintenance.

Have you ever had that mysterious and horrifying check engine light come on right in the middle of a trip?  How do you know if there is a serious problem or if it is something as simple as loose gas cap?  With Maintain+™ engine diagnostics, you’ll know right away what the problem is!  

By tapping the check engine light icon on your Maintenance Timeline™ you’ll be able to see:

  • What the trouble code is
  • What it means
  • How severe of a problem it is
  • What symptoms your car may experience
  • Information about potential fixes

If it is a severe problem, simply click to call your dealership service center.  

*Engine diagnostics cover most trouble codes on most vehicles.  Some exceptions may apply.  

Available exclusively as part of Maintain+™, Vehicle Security allows you to find your car at any time and receive notifications if it is started, is being towed or even if it is hit while parked. Parents can enable a speeding notification and the event log tracks recent vehicle activity.  

Features Coming Soon:

  • Share Vehicle Location
  • Custom Geo-Fences
  • Accident Detection 

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