Integrated Pricing

Your prices for your customers

Push Notifications

Maintenance notifications based on mileage

Rewards Program

Custom rewards for your customers

Realtime Notifications

Find customers with open recalls or check engine lights

Improving Service Center Retention One Mile At A Time

When deciding where to take their car for service, 43% of drivers perform a search on their phone or online.  Mobile is the platform of choice for today’s car owners and with the Maintain App your service center can reach them there.  

With the Maintenance Timeline ™ car owners are educated about their vehicles upcoming maintenance needs before they ever set foot on the service drive.  With a vehicle specific maintenance schedule and your service center pricing, setting expectations for upcoming maintenance has never been easier.

As the app economy has matured, email and direct mail have become less effective.  Using push notifications and a rich in-app experience, response rates are typically 3 to 4 times that of email and direct mail programs.  

With the Maintain app a customer can schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.  No more one-size-fits-all complicated scheduling interfaces that create frustration and cause customers to look elsewhere.  Vehicle information and maintenance needs are automatically imported so all the customer has to do is pick a time!

With the Maintain app service center portal, you will automatically be notified when any of your customers has a new recall notification or if a Maintain+ user has a check engine light.  With this information your BDC can proactively reach out to customers to schedule recall work or address a lingering trouble code.

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